Today’s marketplace is an incredibly competitive one. We are truly living in a global economy, and businesses that used to operate in a relatively small geographical location now have the ability to extend their reach in a big way. That means that it is more important than ever to provide a great user experience to customers in order to attract their attention and their loyalty. That’s where an eye-catchingly designed website and solid hosting can help! Invest in your business’ first impression upon potential customers and opt for professional experienced in the art of web design.

Benefits of Website Design

As mentioned briefly above, your website is your first impression upon your potential customers. If your site is hard to navigate or confusing to read through, chances are good that customers will opt for someone else. You want a clean, crisp website that contains easy-to-digest information laid out in a logical way. Equally importantly, your website should be usable from both mobile and desktop devices.

Benefits of Hosting

While the design of a website is certainly important, it is not the only important factor in creating an effective page. If your hosting is subpar and loads slowly (or fails to load at all), then it doesn’t matter how great your website layout or its content is – individuals will click away from your page in frustration and move on to a website that actually loads.

In order to give yourself the very best chance of success possible, it is important to work with professionals who understand how important both the design and hosting of your website are. That’s why at iPitCrew, we’re proud to offer a diverse team of professionals with a wide array of backgrounds and skill sets. We can help you build the perfect website and find hosting that won’t let you down.

For more information about website design and hosting, reach out to iPitCrew today!

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AWS Hosting

Website Personalization

Product Limit

Transaction Fee

Categories- Unlimited

Storage- Unlimited

Shopping Experience

Adaptive Storefront Widget

Live Search

Real Time Shipping Estimates

Configurable Customer Profile

Address Book For Customers With Profiles

Media Rich Category and Product Descriptions

Automatic Product Price Adjustments

Fast Content Delivery with CDN

Catalog Management

Built in Storefront translations

Inventory Tracking

Product Options (Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Text, Date Picker, Check Boxes)

Upload File to product

Stock Control for options & Product Combinations

Digital Downloads

Digital Download Protection

Image Gallery

Automatic Thumbnail Generation

Multi-Currency Support

Shipping and Tax

Automatic Tax Calculations (US, Canada, UK, EU, & Australia)

Manually Configurable Tax Zones, Rates, Rules

Real Time Shipping Quotes(UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australian Post)

Handling Fees


Discount Coupons

Sale Price

Sync Store with US eBay

FaceBook Like Buttons

Social Media Purchase Share Buttons (FB, Twitter)

Social Media Purchase Share Buttons (FB, Twitter)

Embed Store in FB Business Page

Market Place Feeds (Google Shopping, eBay commerce and more)

Mobile Store Management App

Store Management App for IOS

Store Management App for Android


Custom Email Notifications

Order history

Order Email Notifications Multiple Recipients

Edit Order Details After Purchase

Track Payment & Shipping status

Customer IP stamp in Order Details

Warning if IP is different from Billing Country

View Abandoned Carts

Order Comment Fields

Configure min/max order amount limits

Add internal notes to orders

Low stock notification

Data Management

CSV Export for order, product, & Customer Data

CSV import for Product Data

Configurable Measurement Units, Date/Time Formats & Currency Symbol


Direct indexing by Google

SEO Fields for Products

Tracking and Reporting

Custom Tracking Code on Thank You Page

Payment Options




American Express





up to  300 SKU’s


up to 2500 SKU’s


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