When people think about what makes a business successful, they tend to think about things like customer satisfaction and social media marketing. And while these are both very important aspects to building a strong brand and growing your customer base, they are not necessarily the most important aspects. Some things, such as good video information, are equally as vital and are routinely underestimated and underutilized. That is one reason why at iPitCrew, we believe in highlighting your inventory and knowledge with video information! This helps drive customer and potential customer engagement alike and can really take your website or marketing to the next level.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

One great type of video content is whiteboard explainer videos. These kinds of videos feature a whiteboard upon which contents are written, drawn, and erased. This might sound fairly simplistic in nature, but the real trick is ensuring that the content in question is interesting, engaging, and clear. That’s where professional help becomes invaluable and can really change the “face” of your videos.

Motion Graphics

In addition to whiteboard explainer videos, motion graphics are a great use of video content. This kind of graphic can be used on your website, for example, as a backdrop instead of a static image. This helps draw attention and is more likely to keep users on your page for longer than the more traditional background images might. It is also a good way to draw customers’ attention things like color, speed, and build without asking them to click on an actual video.


Finally, commercials are a vital part of a successful business and one of the most important kinds of video content out there. You want commercials that look good, give clear information, and offer an easy-to-understand call to action.

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