Generate Leads with Trade Intel

Trade Intel is a visually-engaging vehicle appraisal and conversion tool with the ability to generate the highest form completion rate in the automotive industry today. With this technological tool, car shoppers are provided with an up-to-date value of their trade-in vehicle. To ensure an extended reach, Bi-lingual support is also provided. Trade Intel uses data collected from numerous sources and hundreds of motor vehicle listing sites. Unlike most valuation books that update weekly or monthly, Trade Intel updates daily.

How Trade Intel Works

To use, shoppers looking to purchase a vehicle browse your dealership website. They then provide relevant data such as condition, location, and mileage of their existing vehicle. The shopper is then provided with an instant trade-in range from high to low on their car. Trade Intel obtains valuable data from users, such as their name and email address. This information allows you to easily follow-up with them to expedite the trade process and get your customer into a new vehicle they have chosen from your dealership.

Add Value to Your Dealership

With Trade Intel, a valuable resource is offered to your potential buyers at no cost to them, bringing them into your sales funnel early on. This unique, simple to use, a one-page format connects with buyers and provides them with an instant trade-in appraisal.

Benefits of Trade Intel

  • To receive an accurate trade-in estimate, potential buyers looking to purchase a vehicle can stay right on your website. There is never any need to leave your dealer website.
  • The relationship between the buyer and dealer is promoted when an independent trade-in value is provided.
  • Having up-to-date market data is vital to ensure a profitable trade since vehicle value is dependent on availability, popularity, and more.

Main Features Overview

Range-Based: Provides range-based valuations to potential buyers on a single page format.

Visually Pleasing: Values of vehicles are displayed on an exclusive Appraisal Diamond that is easily understood.

Customizable: Completely customizable products.

Single-Page Format: Unlike most trade appraisals that use multiple pages, Trade Intel uses only one-page reducing abandonment rates.

Mobile Friendly: More than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices making it vital to the profit of your dealership.