Staffed Sales Events

Maximize your next direct mail campaign. Don’t just drop mail and hope for the best! Incorporate elements that make the difference! We use digital elements like mobile display, Geo-fencing, Digital Gaming, Email, Call-Center, Point of Sale Materials, and professional staffing to create events that get shoppers excited. We don’t stop at advertising, we can staff your next sales event with a team of professional closers.

We have all heard and seen the horror stories about staffed sales events. At iPitCrew we employ the most qualified, experienced, and most importantly “PROFESSIONAL”, people in the industry, we get results because of superior data, and superior strategic execution, not high pressure, unethical and often questionable sales tactics. During our events, your customers always leave 100% satisfied, we adhere to the same stringent OEM required CSI standards as your in-house staff, while making you profitable.

Contact us today for more information about our staffed events. Its truly an event!

Staffed Sales Events And Direct Mail Do’s And Don’ts

When you have a staffed sales event, a variety of marketing efforts will reach the maximum number of consumers. To ensure that you get in contact with everyone, you will want to use a nice range of approaches. The possibilities are vast: email blasts and word of mouth; direct mail and links on other websites. Let’s focus on direct mail and how you can use it wisely. Here we will look at some do’s and don’ts!

Here Is What You Want To Do

First things first: you need to assess your mailing list and ensure that it is updated. There is no use in sending notifications and alerts to someone who has moved away or is no longer interested in your offerings! Then you can craft a stellar message. How are you going to pull clients in and give them a reason to attend the event? This is why knowing your audience really makes a difference.

Design Will Make Or Break You

The truth of the matter is that we judge based on appearances. Avoid anything dull as well as busy. Be sure to focus on portraying the main points of your company and the event, whether that is through photos or statistics. A decent design will include the most essential information and nothing unnecessary. Keeping it concise is the name of the game, so detail location, date, and time, and anything else they need to know.

Here Is What Not To Do

Now that you have a better understanding of what you should do, let us take a brief look at some strong don’ts. You definitely do not want to just leave your audience hanging, even if they decline the invitation. Be sure to send out thank-you notes to every person on your list and follow up with them. This lets them know that you value their business and would still like to have a relationship with them. Finally, do not forget to get people excited about this; a call to action would work great here. With some final proofreading, your invitations are ready to be shipped off and you can start planning your event.