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Social Media Marketing For Automotive Dealerships

There are many ways that car dealers can take advantage of the growing popularity of social media. In any type of advertising, you want to be where your audience can find you. Today, this definitely includes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and others.

Creating a Social Media Presence

The first step all car dealers must consider is to create a presence on these sites. You don’t have to sign up with every single social site in existence. You can start off with Facebook and Twitter, which are the biggest, although LinkedIn is also growing fast.

With Facebook, you’ll want to build a page (what used to be called “fan pages”). If you have a personal Facebook account, you may want to keep that separate from your business page. Then you can publish content that will of interest to people interested in cars.

While you can certainly talk about your business, you also want to provide people with interesting and useful information so they have a reason to visit your page frequently.

The same holds true for Twitter. You can start following people who are interested in automotive topics. Send out at least a few tweets per day. Remember, these are only one or two sentences, so it doesn’t have to take long! Naturally, you can send out tweets about sales or special events you are holding.

Connect Social Media to Your Website

social_mediaAssuming that you have a business website, your social media sites should link back to this. A website is generally the most effective place to provide people with useful information about your business. Here, car dealers can post photos and videos of your inventory, talk about financing options and so forth.

Some people, of course, may visit your automotive dealership simply from seeing your Facebook page (or other social media site). However, you should also make sure that they can easily find your website from all your social sites.


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