Today’s business economy is one that spans borders that traditionally governed a business’ limits. Accessible and fast shipping methods as well as an increasingly online marketplace mean that most businesses could potentially find customers all over the country, not just where their headquarters are physically located. With that in mind, it is important to tailor your marketing approach to suit both local audiences as well as broader audiences that are not specific to any one location. This is known as “national search engine optimization (SEO)”, and it’s an important part of growing and maintaining your business.

What is national SEO?

When you think about SEO techniques, you might picture keywords that are designed to appeal to potential customers in a particular geographical location. Lawyers, for example, tend to build their SEO techniques around specific cities in a specific state. This is practical for them because most lawyers are only part of a single state bar association, which means that they can only practice law in one state. Other professionals that don’t have that limitation, however, are free to target customers from halfway across the country if they so choose.

National SEO, then, is an SEO technique that focuses on the national market as opposed to the local market. It is often more of a long-term investment than a technique that yields immediate results, but that’s okay – you’re building a business that will hopefully be around for years. National SEO is a good way to ensure that your audience grows wider as time passes and the SEO takes hold.

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