Effective marketing is vital to the growth of your business. In order to succeed in the competitive marketplace that marks today’s global economy, it is important to have your name and your brand exposed to as many potential customers as possible. A targeted marketing campaign is a good start to accomplish this goal, but it should be noted that it is not only introducing your brand that is important. You also have to ensure that it remains front and center in search results even after a user moves away from your website. Retargeting is one way to accomplish this goal.

What is retargeting?

The vast majority of users will not buy on the first visit to a website. In fact, only around 2% of potential customers will make a purchase immediately. That means that even if your marketing does the job you need it to do and brings people to your website, many of them will still walk away without making a purchase – at first. That last bit is important, because this doesn’t mean that your chance to convert that lead has permanently passed. It means that you need to keep those people in mind and ensure that they remember your site as they continue to “window shop”.

Retargeting works to, as the name suggests, retarget those people who visited your website and then moved on to continue their window shopping process. This is done a few different ways, but the most common is to use a retargeting vendor to help ensure that people visiting your site are able to be identified and targeted even after they leave. They then can be targeted with ads pertaining to your business even as they search elsewhere.

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