The iPitCrew Story

David AndrewFor nearly 20 years founder David Andrew, has worked in the online e-commerce arena. First as the owner of a successful online cigar shop called “Casa de Cigars” during the earliest stages of online retailing, and later as Director of Marketing and E-Commerce for a family-owned Ford and Chevrolet Dealership renown for world-class customer service. It was during his time as Director of Marketing and E-Commerce for this rural dealership family that David gained automotive industry acclaim as the architect of aggressive internet strategies that allowed this already flourishing Dealership family to expand their reach to compete with larger volume, more geographically desirable dealership locations. During this period of dealership marketing and e-commerce, it became apparent that David had a unique ability to understand new technologies and processes and identify human behaviors, and institutionalized processes that might create performance bottlenecks or barriers to success.

During David’s academic and career journey, it became clear there was a need in the automotive dealership arena for a digital media marketing and advertising agency, which strategically aligned with the “Dealer Owner’s” best interest. An agency which differentiated itself through “expertise” both academic and practical experience, as well as “Best In Class” technology, personnel, products, and services. It was during this period that the mission became clear and the iPitCrew™ became reality. Over the years iPitCrew™ has had opportunities to successfully apply the marketing and advertising tactics learned in the automotive industry across a variety of marketing verticals and in turn successfully apply strategies acquired from other industries to the automotive sector.

Today the iPitCrew™ brand is synonymous with, service, integrity, quality, and measurable transparent results. iPitCrew™ is a Full-Service Advertising Agency which provides services for small and large businesses alike, our portfolio includes national and regional brands across the US and Canada for Digital Media, Marketing, and Advertising. Please feel free to contact us for a more detailed list of clients.