Mobile Advertising

The future of Mobile Advertising for all size businesses is here! The iCrew Mobile Marketing advertising platform allows iPitCrew™ to purchase mobile advertising space on all major ad networks and mobile (Real Time Bidding) RTB exchanges. Using this advertising space iPitCrew™ creates unique engaging mobile automotive advertising campaigns across all Mobile Devices in a large variety of ad formats like the industry standard, display banner ads, and video expansion ads, to more unique proprietary interactive game ads.

Hyper Local Targeting

iPitCrew’s strategy incorporates multiple analytic variants to strategically target opted-in mobile users based on mobile app download history to narrow ad delivery to mobile users based on user interest. The iCrew Mobile platform also incorporates advanced local placement targeting tactics. This ensures ads are delivered to the right users at the right time helping to eliminate wasteful expense in ad spends.

Predictive Analytics

iPitCrew™ Predictive Analytics provides unprecedented consumer reporting for businesses to dial in their mobile campaigns

Top 10 Benefits of iPitCrew™ Mobile Marketing

There are many methods available to modern day dealership owners to promote their business. One of the greatest ways to do this, however, is through the use of mobile internet connections via smartphones. Every day people are always online searching, looking and trying to find information on a variety of topics. You can use this to your advantage with iPitCrew mobile marketing strategies. Here’s a small list of some of the benefits you’ll be able to reap.

1)   Ad Exchanges: Enter into a world of mobile marketing with a bang by adding your name to a rotating group of other dealerships. This will increase your visibility greatly to a much wider audience.

2)   Real-Time Bidding Sites: Join up with various sites for real-time bidding on your services and products. Add a new dimension to your business plan by allowing consumers to determine the final prices of your new or used inventory.

3)   Display Banners: Advertise by traditional means by using strategically placed banners on major search engines and across the internet.

4)   Video Presentations: Make quick-time video presentations about upcoming sales or deals on new products soon to be released.

5)   Flash Games: Take a unique approach to advertising by adding amusing flash game advertisements for your business.

6)   Real-Time Tracking: Get full tracking on hits and unique clicks on your banners and ads.

7)   Google Analytics: Use Google Analytics to track all of the important information about your marketing campaign. Determine where you are performing well or seeing a dip.

8)   Local Advertising: Target your local area specifically to draw in people from the surrounding neighborhoods and regions.

9)   Advanced Targeting: If you prefer you can use an advanced method of targeting to aim for people who are looking specifically for a certain type of vehicle or service you may provide.

10)   Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses: Cut costs on wasteful ads by using integrated tools and advertising numbers to focus on what you really are looking for.

By using iPitCrew™ mobile marketing, you are taking advantage of many of these various aspects and so much more. If you’re thinking of expanding, then give them a try today.

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