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Take a little social media and mix in the power of Game Theory and you will effortlessly discover the most powerful word of mouth viral advertising on the face of the planet! There is nothing like being in the slipstream of conversations created by your clients sharing their most enjoyable experiences with their friends and family!

Campaign Tracking
Improve performance with comprehensive reporting providing you with in depth analytics for where, when, and how clients are engaging with Lotto Auto.

Email Campaigns
Traditional email campaigns are still one of the best channels for getting the word out to your base. With Lotto Auto your conversion rates will be 10x greater

Variety of Games
Clients never get tired of playing Lotto Auto! Choose from dozens of games and endless variety to keep your promos fresh!

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With Lotto Auto’s powerful Game Theory techniques our clients enjoy campaign open rates greater than 80% and we have the track record to prove it!

Successful marketing campaigns start with something people want to share. Share the experience of victory with your customers. Get Lotto Auto and watch your marketing campaigns go viral!

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