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Welcome to iPitCrew Client Testimonials. We are extremely grateful to friends, colleagues, and clients whom have taken time out of their busy lives to make such kind statements and recommendations regarding the nature of our character. We truly appreciate the kind words and will work tirelessly to ensure they ring true in all that we do. Please contact iPitCrew Digital Media Marketing and Advertising at 1.877.941.CREW(2739)

Having the luxury of being involved with many different dealerships in the Midwest has afforded me the opportunity to see the work of vendors both good and bad. There are unfortunately many who are airport players that can talk a good game but don’t deliver results. David is the exact opposite and has the philosophy of “what’s best for the dealer is best for IPitcrew.”

We have had him bring his expertise into many of dealerships we work with and simply stated he delivers exactly what says he can deliver. He sees the dealership and their approach to marketing completely different than anyone that I have been around. He doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear but when it comes to the Digital media marketing there is not anyone that is even playing the same game as him.

I first met David during my time in the Dealer MBA program at Northwood. Due to his expertise and willingness to teach and share his values and framework for marketing I found myself drawn into conversations that always challenged me to think differently. I’m lucky to have met David and not only is he my go to expert to bounce ideas off to help our customers gain an edge in their prospective market, but he has also become a great friend. He has impeccable values and if I owned a dealership at some point he would definitely be one of the first “Strategic Partners” that I would put in place to help us dominate the market.

Nate Blevins
Account Representative at Ethos Group
November 14, 2013

Nate Blevins, Ethos Group
David was a student in my Leadership MBA class at Northwood University. David not only cares about his own learning and success but also about the learning and success of the students in his cohort. He is a leader among a classroom of leaders. He demonstrates confidence and at the same time humility, a rare combination. His contributions in class are well thought, relevant, valuable, and often delivered with good humor. I would recommend David for any leadership position.

Bill Bateman, DBA
Associate Professor at Northwood University DeVos Graduate School
March 7, 2010

Bill Bateman, DBA, Northwood University
Working with David was a great pleasure. David is a true leader and visionary. He is excellent at project & people management and delivers top quality results consistently. I have worked with David several times and have learnt a lot beyond classroom theories.

Supriyo Mukherjee
Enterprise Identity & Access Management/Governance Expert
Nov 16, 2008

Supriyo Mukherjee, ExxonMobil
From time to time, as a service provider, you’ll have a client or two that are not your biggest, nor are they the smallest, yet they ultimately make a huge impact on your success. They are the type client that if you are willing to listen, you will hear a quiet and powerful voice. David’s is this voice. It is one of respect, forward thinking/progression, inquiry and challenge. Such that my teams and I have come to look forward to every opportunity to work with David. We’ve learned that no matter the scope of the project, it always leads to us making our business better for everyone we represent. A classic communication with David begins with a practical question. One founded in a desire to facilitate the best possible success to his project. Immediately following this question is an impressive ability to listen. I can say that there are very few clients I’ve worked with that are willing to take the time to genuinely listen. David uses this as an opportunity to learn and better understand the concepts being presented. He the internalizes the information and comes to better understand it. From there, let the (fun) challenge begin. Having a client willing to not be combative nor willing to accept your statements at face value 100% of the time, keeps you on top of your game. Devising new strategies for one of David’s projects is a team effort. His goals always allow us to step outside the normal day to day of standard client management and expand our knowledge base from creativity and the occasional risk that only a progressive mindset would tolerate. My teams and I, working shoulder to shoulder with David, have been able to succeed in big ways. David’s ability and willingness to participate at this level transforms what could easily be a simple vendor relationship into something more. The experience is truly that ever allusive advisory partnership that so many businesses crave, but rarely realize. I count it an honor to refer to David as a professional peer and partner. His calls and correspondence are immediately answered as I know something exciting, and more than likely challenging, is waiting. In addition to David’s apparent and astute business acumen, he also expresses a unique compassion. Even if our aggressive ambitions and objectives missed on their first try, it is always a ‘what have we learned and how can apply it to gain the desired result in our next iteration?’ response. What a privilege when working without a safety net! David has a great love for his work and his family. He is constantly striving to learn. Every time we speak, he has accomplished something new and typically monumental in his personal and academic efforts. I am ever impressed with his ability to remain so collected and maintain the professional/personal balance. If your company is considering taking on David as client or if you are considering hiring David to be a part of your team, you win!

Timothy Nobles
Chief Information Officer at Creative Trust Media
September 7, 2009

Timothy Nobles, Creative Trust Media
David is a wealth of knowledge and has a determination to be the best professionally and I believe personally as well. He is dedicated, personable and takes his position as seriously as if he were the owner of the company. David explores every avenue and educates himself prior to making vital decisions that impact the bottom line. Even though I was the consultant during our tenor together, I’ve learned so much from David, I value his opinions and seek out his input.

Bridget Scott
Sales Executive at Contact At Once! Servicing NJ, VT and Quebec
August 21, 2009

Bridget Scott, Contact@Once
I’ve worked with David for about 2 years now and in that time I’m amazed at the amount of time he has spent working to improve himself and his career. From getting a college degree in his field to learning additional skills with internet marketing. David would be a strong asset for your marketing efforts or your company.

Brian Brown
Internet Consultant, ReachLocal
August 24, 2009

Brian Brown, Reach Local
Thanks David! As usual you exceed expectations!

Carlos Wheeler
Dealer Principal
J&M Chevy
December 10, 2010

Carlos Wheeler, J&M Chevy
Here is your “GREEN LIGHT”…..I love your metaphor it sticks with your company name….I was just sending this to you out of respect than really wanting you to tackle it, but I love your attitude…I ALSO LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO CHALLENGE YOUR CLIENTS. THAT’S WHAT WILL BE THE DIFFERENCE MAKER B/W YOU AND YOUR COMPETITION. I have a 20group meeting soon and I know people are going to ask why I’m up 40% in used car sales and I was going to give them your number if that’s cool…I’m sure it is but wanted to let you know first…thx.

Grant Culver
General Manager
Parks Motors
August 15, 2011

Grant Culver, Parks Motors
Hi David,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you do for Novick Automall and myself. I do not take you or Lesley for granted and appreciate you always going the extra mile to help our business succeed. It goes a long way.

Debby Novick
Novick Auto Mall
June 6, 2012

Debby Novick, Novick Auto Mall
Lesley Ann has done an outstanding job making my changes to the website and helping me with everything I have inquired about. I am very happy with the finished site.

Unknown Author
Noller of Topeka
January 26, 2015

Laird Noller Management, Laird Noller