The iPitCrew Ad Agency Experience

iPitCrew established in 2010 is a full service digital media marketing and advertising agency serving businesses of all shapes and sizes. iPitCrew takes marketing and advertising to a level never seen before, integrating “Best-In-Class” cutting-edge technologies and processes with real-world experience to provide businesses with the most successful marketing strategies in the advertising industry!

iPitCrew specializes in creating dynamic brand energy for business clients. We create dominant brand leadership for our business clients by focusing on the complete consumer experience. Our comprehensive data-driven approach targets the individual consumer’s needs, resulting in the delivery of engaging, needs driven, timely marketing and advertising messages. Customer acquisition, client management, or lead conversion, iPitCrew marketing and advertising solutions deliver results.

We strategically differentiate ourselves from competing marketing and advertising agencies by aligning ourselves with business owners to focus on dramatically lower advertising cost, while increasing traffic, sales, and return on investment. We make marketing affordable for any size business! We’re not the biggest; we’re simply the most focused on what’s important to business owners return on investment!

iPitCrew Core Ideology

iPitCrew Digital Media Marketing and Advertising Agency align ourselves with the business owners, not third-party vendors or OEM manufacturers, as an asset not an expense. We are committed to always putting our business clients’ best interest first. Our business client’s return on investment will always be at the core of every recommendation we make. Ultimately, our goal is to create complete regional “Brand Domination” for our business clients. Every opportunity we present to our clients will always contain these core components.

iPitCrew Core Recommendation Criteria Components

  • Strengthen Brand Identity
  • Contain Brand Domination Element
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Improve client visibility
  • Reduce advertising/expenses
  • Contain ROI guaranty elements
  • Represent client’s core values
  • Offers value to client and client’s audience
  • Represent “Best in Class”

iPitCrew Core Values

Always use the most advanced “Best In Class” techniques, latest “proven” strategies, and cutting-edge technologies, to create dynamic brand leadership. Relentless commitment to delivering return on investment results for our clients. Passionate focus on improving the consumer experience by delivering sensory engaging, need specific, individually targeted messaging to our client’s customers. Focus on transparent reporting to quantify our efforts.

iPitCrew Core Purpose

Passionately focus on improving the consumer experience by delivering sensory engaging, needs specific, individually targeted messaging to our client’s customers.

Most importantly we focus on increasing our dealer’s traffic and reducing the overall customer acquisition costs. Continuously strive to be our dealer clients greatest ROI!