iCrew Email Marketing

iCrew Email Marketing Solutions combine the power of your Dealership DMS Data with laser targeted conquest marketing data to deliver unprecedented marketing results. With iCrew email marketing strategies dealers deliver timely, client specific needs based quality-marketing messages to their loyal client base at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methods. The iPitCrew methodology incorporates advanced data collection strategies to compile in market to purchase opt-in conquest client contacts.


Research Shows Responsive Design Emails can improve email click thru rates 130%!!


Email is the top activity of 78% of smart phone users and should be an integral part of every dealerships marketing strategy. It’s not enough for dealers to exclusively mine their internal databases.

iCrew digital dealer strategies incorporate conquest email marketing for complete brand and market domination.


  • Beautiful Click Optimized Email Creative
  • CO-OP Eligible
  • Detailed Strategic Planning
  • Easy Comprehensive Marketing Integration
  • Data Base Contact Maintenance
  • Independent Google Analytics Reporting
  • Optimized email delivery and contact bounce maintenance
  • 100% Opt In Emails
  • CAN-Spam Compliant

Email Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of iPitCrew Email Marketing

If you’ve been looking for an excellent way to improve your dealership’s marketing presence, then give iPitCrew Email marketing a try. You don’t need to go forward alone; there are options available here that can give you that extra edge you may need. Here’s a quick list of benefits showing you some of the reasons it may be your perfect option.

1)   Email Use: A high number of people use Email on a daily basis. This number runs upwards of 75-80% of anyone who is connected to the Internet in one fashion or another.

2)   Creative Designs: An intelligently designed mail that’s optimized for easy click-thru to your website of choice.

3)   CO-OP Eligibility: Become part of a larger circle of dealerships in a joint effort to increase your presence.

4)   Simple & Easy: Enter into a new arena of advertisement effortlessly with professional assistance along the way.

5)   Get Assistance with Strategic Planning: Get help from professionals with designing your advertisement to get the best chances of click-thru hits.

6)   Maintenance: Keep you databases up to date and ready to be accessed. Maintenance will never be a complicated and difficult process again.

7)   Independent Report: Use Google Analytics to track your mail’s traffic and make adjustments as needed to increase views.

8)   100% Optional: Allow your end users the rights to choose whether or not they wish to be contacted by you through emails. This also prevents the possibility of unwanted spam returns.

9)   CAN-Spam Compliant: Regulated for the current rules regarding spam emails.

10)   Optimized Delivery Methods: A system that is well maintained and tailored to deliver your advertisements accurately and on time at a steady rate.

Adding layers of advertising to your dealership business will increase interest in your products, and using the iPitCrew email marketing system is one of the easiest and readily accessible for car and truck dealerships in either the US or Canada. If you want to increase your market presence, then using emails designed to promote interest in your business and bring people to you website this is your best bet going forward.

Want to give iPitCrew email marketing a try? Contact iPitCrew online.