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Get your dealership in the social media stream. Viral marketing has long been one of the most powerful forms of advertising. Hear your friend’s enthusiastic narration of an experience with a new product or see the frustration in your mother’s face as she laments poor services received and you find it difficult not to be swayed. Approval from someone whom you know and respect can be stronger than all the celebrity endorsements, clever ads and catchy jingles combined. Your Dealership, can harness the incredible power of friends and family online with social media management.


Be relevant! Grow your network with iCrew Social!!


iPitCrew Social Media Solution

iPitCrew’s social media solution helps automotive dealers to create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation, content, and engage with consumers. There are many social media channels, iCrew Social Media Package provides a suite of tools that allows dealers to effectively manage their social media strategy, with ease. iCrew Social Media Package increases your Social Media Visibility by increasing the number of prospects that interact with your Dealerships inventory, services, and promotions.

Monitoring and engaging in the social media landscape is a way to tap into and join online conversations about your brand. It’s a way to connect with your customers and understand their needs and desires. We offer two levels of management: social media marketing and online reputation management.

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