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Live Chat is a powerful way to instantly engage every website visitor. Having a great website is just the first step in communicating your brand message. Live Chat is the first step in showing customers that your organization is professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help. It gives you the opportunity to understand your shopper’s needs and provide them with value your competitors are not.

Any business serious about reflecting a culture of World Class customer service should be using “Live Chat” to exemplify that first impression.

If you need to generate more leads from your existing website and would like to reduce any dependency on third party lead sources your dealership website is a perfect place to start. Leads generated from your own website statistically close at a higher ratio than any other Internet lead source coming into your dealership.

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Omni-Channel Live Chat Features:

  • Live Chat proactively engages every visitor to your website and acts as a virtual greeter.

  • Our system collects important shopper information and seamlessly pushes that information into your CRM/ILM including the complete conversation transcript.

  • Customized messages are displayed on your website shopper’s screen at just the right moment to get them interested and chatting with our virtual sales team.

How Would A 30% Increase In Leads This Month Impact Your Business?


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Many of our clients are seeing an ROI of 2x or even 3x the volume of qualified leads coming from their store’s website. However, being conservative, we generally project that you should see at least a 30% increase in your lead volume and a closing ratio in line with existing leads that come for your own website. How Would 40-60 Additional Leads This Month Impact Your Business?

If you are looking to increase your website’s ROI from sold Internet leads, let us help drive your lead cost down by instantly engaging more of your existing website visitors.

Why LiveChat?

Do you despise chatting with a machine or computer? It is just so fun, right? We all know that consumers value being taken seriously, and they want their needs to be met. Now you can provide the utmost customer service and attention to your clients with LiveChat from iPitCrew™. Try this product for just a short period of time, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it! LiveChat has been helping companies such as automotive dealerships  , Finance Industries, Body Shops, Parts Stores, and the like, and it is ready to help you, too!

Always Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Now, you can always be there for your clients with a chat service that is reliable and revolutionary. Customers will constantly have questions and concerns, so why not do something that will take your attention to the next level and beyond? With services that are online for the customer anytime, you can get issues resolved at unprecedented speed. You will find that the majority of problems can be cleared up with just a simple and quick chat session!

Conveniently Come to Them

Moreover, you can forget about demanding that customers come to you. Your business can be there for them anytime, anywhere with LiveChat. In an age of instant gratification, your enterprise can excel by reaching a client via one simple click. No more call-waiting or emails that are sent at a snail’s pace! Do not leave people waiting; get on the chat service now and get issues cleared away just like that! This not only amps up customer satisfaction, but it paves the way for more internal efficiency in your enterprise.

Manage Your Mission

Keeping everything in tip-top shape is easier than ever before. Explore the possibilities with simultaneous chats, categorization tags, language preferences, and file-sharing. This is the next wave of constant communication! You can archive previous chats, integrate other technology, and stay connected with mobile applications. Whether you need to boost your social media presence or track data and usage on your site, it is all possible here!

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