iCarGuide Virtual Dealership Experience

iCarGuide assist you in facilitating a seamless bi-directional virtual experience for your dealership clients across multiple dealership websites on any digital device. It is the automotive industries first true virtual dealership experience! iCarGuide “omni-channel” platform makes chat and text technologies obsolete!


iCarGuide Virtual Deal Technology That Actually Works!


Omni Channel

Our tools work regardless of method of communication or type of device. Mobile or Desktop, Video, Text, Chat, Audio, makes no difference! iCarGuide works seemlessly with nothing to download.

Clients Save Time

Dealership clients are elated at the reduced dealership delivery times as a result of using iCarguide’s patented document sharing and e-signature technology to capture preliminary documents .

Synchronized Browsing

Synchronized Browisng allows dealership personnel to seamlessly share browsing experience with potential dealership clients to effortlessly guide them around website for requested information and items of interest.

Document Sharing

iCarGuide provides patented document sharing, colaborative form fill, and bank compliant e-signing capabilities, to assist in speeding up the dealership delivery process.

Client Loyalty

Gaining commitment at the “Zero Moment of Truth” dramatically improves conversion rates, builds brand loyalty, and stops the research phase.

Instant Engagement

Instantly engage clients across all dealership managed online properties. Dealer sites, OEM Sites, Facebook, Banner Ads, Email, wherever you are online.

See incredible results by making the switch to iCarGuide

State-of-the-art reporting means you never have to wonder about the quality of online engagements. Measuring quality and leveraging recorded sessions for training has never been easier.

In 2016 more of the vehicle transaction is moving online. Meet your customer’s demand or your competition will. You know the online technology you choose for your dealership today will have an effect on revenue in the future. iCarGuide’s technology surpasses all others. Works seamlessly across all devices, nothing to download.

How the other’s compare:


If you own or manage a car dealership, you understand the important part that marketing plays in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones with the many car dealerships on the market today. However, many marketing strategies look exactly alike, and there is little that separates one dealer from another. In order to buck this trend, you should dare to be different. Do this by adding a bit of a splash to your existing digital marketing campaign that not only attracts new customers but also encourages them to learn more about the inventory you have to offer. The professional team at iPitcrew.com has developed a revolutionary new tool to assist you in the form of the iCarGuide.

The iCarGuide is a virtual dealership experience. Through the use of interactive video, customers visiting your site can learn more about your business and what you have to offer them. The best thing about this product is that it is easily viewable across any digital device. No matter if your prospect is viewing you on a full-size monitor or a smartphone, they will get the same interactive virtual experience. The iCarGuide is truly the first virtual experience of its kind developed specifically for an automotive dealership.

The iCarGuide will engage visitors to your site by giving them the look and feel of actually visiting your dealership. All of this from the comfort of their home, or wherever they may be browsing the Internet from. They can look up your existing inventory, learn more about your promotional campaigns, and engage a member of your customer service staff to inquire about the specific car they are interested in. They can look up more information about the car that they interested in buying, and the entire process is hassle free. Having this integrated into you car dealership will give you that competitive advantage over others that you have been seeking, so contact the team at iPitCrew.com to inquire more about the iCarGuide today.

More standard features than any other in the industry!