It is important to use consistent and targeted marketing options to help ensure that your business grows and evolves. One effective way to do this is via email marketing. This is a particularly great marketing option since your customers have likely already given you their email addresses when they completed their order. You can continue their user experience even after that particular sale is over.


One way to use email marketing to keep your clients updated is though newsletters. Newsletters are emails that share information about your business and your recent achievements and experiences. They can vary in length and format, with some people preferring to write a rather lengthy missive complete with pictures and formatting while others opt for small, bite-sized pieces of information that can be quickly processed. Regardless of the exact format you’d like to employ, newsletters are a great option to keep customers engaged.

Conquest Campaigns

Conquest marketing is a good way to increase your outreach, visibility, and lead generation. Email marketing is particularly effective when it comes to conquest campaigns and can be used to send targeted messages to individuals who are outside of your business’s current customer base.


Email marketing is incredibly customizable and offers users a nearly endless supply of formatting options to keep readers interested. One of these is known as “gamification”, and it helps drive reader engagement and information retention. The main way to accomplish this is to add fun, game-like elements to your email marketing messages that readers will find interesting.


Yet another idea to include in your email marketing messages is video! Video content can be just as engaging as gamification elements and can really help increase reader engagement and interest.

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