Directories and Business Listings

Top 10 Things You Can do to Improve Your Listing Results

How do you bring in more viewers to your company’s website? It is a lot more than having flashy designs and fancy text. Here are ten of the top things you can do right now to improve your results in business listings and directories.

10) SEO Keywords-These crucial words and phrases provide a clue as to what you offer. Scatter them in your website for maximum results.

9) A Terrific Title-The first thing that visitors see should say something about your services or products. If you are specific to a certain location or demographic, you can add that in too.

8) A Beckoning Blurb-This brief description should be front and center because it serves as a kind of first impression to viewers. Snag them here and the hardest part is over!

7) Heads up!-The header is a key component and informs viewers at first glance. In today’s world, we need to be quick and witty to break through short attention spans.

6) Engaging Content-Good luck if you have loads of jargon and text! These days it is all about being concise yet exciting, so avoid long, drawn-out speeches.

5) The Missing Link-Actually, you do not want a missing link on your web pages! Be convenient, not confusing, with hyperlinks that function correctly.

4) Map it Out-Internet users love site maps because they allow for easier navigation to what they are looking for without wasting time and energy!

3) Be Pretty-Try including photos of the establishment, past projects, or even some charts. This lets the viewer know more about your company in an attractive way.

2) Make Friends-Look into featuring some links on other professional websites. Why? More exposure and connections!

1) Flying Solo-Sure, make buddies with other companies, but have just one profile and site for your own enterprise. It avoids confusion and stress from both consumers and your team.

These tips and hints are sure to bring your online presence up several notches. You can let your brand’s personality shine yet still be professional and put-together. Have fun with it and remember these guidelines to achieve the best results possible!