Best In Class Dealership Websites

It’s a fact! Car dealerships that use iPitCrew® car dealership websites, and online automotive marketing solutions sell more cars, more often, for less money than ever before. We do this by designing beautiful responsive websites to communicate your brand message in a dynamic way across all platforms, both mobile and desktop! But we don’t stop there! The iPitCrew website architecture is built for maximum search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more qualified Internet traffic to your dealership websites.


Its a proven fact! iPitCrew websites convert traffic better than the leading competitors


Double Your Websites Lead Volume! Guaranteed!

We take over 20 years of digital retail experience, and apply real science from consumer on-line shopping behavior research of thousands of dealership website case studies, to get a higher percentage of on-line Internet traffic to convert to leads. But our job is not done! We assist you with the right processes to help your dealership turn more of those leads into showroom visits.

We don’t just tell our dealers they are getting a better return on investment, we show them ROI by offering the most inclusive third party reporting features and best customer service in the industry! We offer a complete digital solution that addresses the entire online automotive marketing strategy. Couldn’t you use the iPitCrew for your Dealership Websites?

Responsive Design Dealership Website Examples

Responsive Website Design:

  • Beautiful, cohesive site design across all devices with Google and Bing recommended 100% Responsive Design Websites.

Powerful Options:

  • Automated New and Used Vehicle Pricing Display Options including automated rebates and incentives
  • Automated Aged Inventory Management
  • Inventory Syndication
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Integration
  • State-of-the-art form fill to voice call technology for instant client connect
  • State-of-the-art technology for screen sharing with online visitors for, browsing, document sharing, form fill,and contract signature
  • Service and Repair websites
  • Auto Body Shop Websites

More Than Responsive:

  • Industry leading search engine optimized (SEO) friendly website architecture.
  • Guaranteed highest website traffic conversion’s in the automotive industry.
  • Lightning fast download speeds for maximum performance and user experience.

Incredible Support and Development:

  • 24-7-365 “5” Star Client Support
  • In depth scientific studies in consumer online shopping behaviors including click mapping, eye tracking,extensive “big data” analysis, A/B testing and application of neuroscience research.
  • Dynamic Design maximizes consumer experience and Dealer/Manufacturing Branding opportunities.
  • Sensory Optimized Call to Actions engages consumers at point of interest increasing conversions.
  • Search Engine Optimized for maximized Quality Traffic.
  • Intelligent live onsite consumer engagement capture and converts more leads.
  • Integrated marketing across all channels strengthening Brand Positioning.
  • Unique Email Marketing and processes deliver exact right messaging at exact right time.
  • Coordinated PPC, SEO, SEM, Behavioral Targeted Marketing, Contextual.
  • Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing.
  • Extensive reporting quickly measure and analyze their car dealer marketing performance with our Smart Reports, the best-in-breed auto dealer analytic system.

Awesome Websites for Service and Repair and Auto Body Shops

Are you looking to sell more, bring in more consumers, and claim a top spot in the auto body industry? The experts at iPitCrew have the experience and skills to help your company! With body shop websites that excite, attract, and lead people to your business, you can do more. Give your collision center an in-depth website with professional craftsmanship and see great returns. Let’s see how iPitCrew manages to design and provide the most comprehensive automotive service and repair websites.

Beautiful Branding

The reality is that people judge with their eyes before they do anything else. So, put forth something that you can be proud of! Features such as text and videos help to bring in more customers, sales, and profits. An intuitive layout and interesting points on the web page create a more fulfilling experience for the user and more success for your company. Any decent website does not just tell; it shows. Do so with comprehensive layouts, images, and text!

Dynamic Design

Choose content that excites and inspires your clientele by providing the latest technological advancements and ease of use. Document-sharing, easy filing and storage, and always-available support means the most satisfaction, guaranteed. A webpage from iPitCrew’s experts goes further and helps your business plan go farther too! With speed, agility, and attractiveness, there is nothing that your enterprise can’t do! Keep clients in-the-know with the freedom and tools they need to find high-quality service that is fast and reliable.

Triple Traffic

It is true; these services can help you see more traffic to your enterprise and web page than ever before! With a blend of SEO practices and a mind for excellent user experience, you will blow the competition away! Businesses excel when they have a coherent and smart design as well as the keywords and integration consumers are looking for. You will notice how your clientele continues to grow as people discover how easy it is to schedule appointments, get repairs, and ask questions. LiveChat, SEO content strategies, and video marketing combine in a triple-threat.

There is much more that iPitCrew can do for your online presence, so get started today!

More standard features than any other in the industry!