Biographical Narrative

Mr. David Andrew Pritchard founder of iPitCrew™ has a trained eye for game-changing innovation, and a mindset that “all things are possible”. His leadership is constantly influenced by a “Be The Difference” philosophy that is present across the Digital Media, Marketing, and Advertising Agency. Over the years he has acquired a reputation for an intuitive understanding of consumer behaviors and a unique ability to blend tried-and tested marketing principles, with groundbreaking science to create “Best in Class” performance results across all advertising media channels.

Non-Profit Organizations and For-Profit Business alike seek his consult in creating dynamic brand energy, for improved brand recognition, with the end-goal of modernizing their marketing strategies, overhauling and streamlining processes, improving efficiencies, building dynamic cultures, and achieving higher Return On Investment (ROI) through the use of new and traditional advertising channels.

“Be The Difference”

For over 20 years David and the iPitCrew™ team have sharpened their skills in digital media, marketing, advertising, and e-commerce, both in the public sector and as a private consultant. A visionary in his own right, his first successful venture in e-commerce was an upscale online cigar boutique, Casa de Cigars, in the earliest days of online retailing. He has been on a distinctive career path since. For his innovative thought leadership on, marketing, e-commerce, and website design in highly competitive marketing areas like the automotive Industry. David has earned national recognition and his work has been featured in various industry trade publications.

David received “dual major” undergraduate degrees in Business Management and Marketing prior to completing a Graduate Degree in Business Administration, at Northwood University. Referred to by Northwood University former Provost Dr. Bill Bateman as “a leader among leaders” David was awarded a Leadership Scholarship during his MBA studies. During earlier educational endeavors David was a finalist by audition for the Grace Moore Scholarship at The University of Tennessee and recipient of a voice scholarship to the University.

A member of the Association of Strategic Marketing, and the eMarketing Association, and former member the Dominion Enterprises Dealer Council, David employs his expertise in support of various charities like, the American Red Cross, LIVESTRONG, TOMS Shoes, Make It Right Nola, Warriors in Pink, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

In outlining his goals for the future, David once again takes his cue from other great leaders who refused to let the limits of the day dictate the possibilities of the future!