iShift: Live Chat

Drive Dealership Lead Cost Down Engage Website Visitors With Live Chat.

iShift: Live Chat

iShift: Live Chat

You need to engage every website visitor because your website alone is not enough to sell cars. iPitCrew offer dealerships just like yours a powerful way to virtually meet and greet each and every one of your website visitors. Yes that means your marketing offers can be put in front of thousands of people each month who visit your dealership website. You can extend special offers to encourage automotive shoppers to engage and chat with our staff or your own dealership staff.

If you need to generate more leads from your existing website and would like to reduce any dependency on third party lead sources your dealership website is a perfect place to start. Leads generated from your own website statistically close at a higher ratio than any other Internet lead source coming into your dealership.

If you are looking to reduce the cost per vehicle sold from Internet leads let us help drive your dealership lead cost down by engaging more of your existing website visitors.

  • We proactively engage every visitor to your dealership website and act as a virtual greeter.
  • We offer a unique prequalifying system to get your website shoppers engaged and talking.
  • We collect important shopper information and seamlessly push that information into your CRM/ILM including the complete conversation transcript.
  • Customized messages are displayed on your website shopper’s screen at just the right moment to get them interested and chatting with our virtual sales team.
  • Our proprietary conversation chat tracks lead your shoppers through our intelligent shopping process.
  • Leveraging our “Shop With Me Technology” enables our chat reps to walk your shoppers through your online sales process creating a powerful first time experience dealing with your dealership.
  • We continually train staff on product knowledge and your individual stores promotions or specials to ensure a seamless chat experience for the website shopper.

ROI: Many dealers are seeing an ROI of 2x or even 3x the volume of qualified leads coming from their store’s website. However, being conservative, we generally project that you should see at least a 30% increase in your lead volume, and a closing ratio in line with existing leads that come for your own website. How Would 40-60 Additional Leads This Month Impact Your Dealership?

Don’t let another customer go without proper follow-up.
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We increase traffic and reduce cost. We think ROI!

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