iMotor: Dealership (CRM)

“Best In Class” CRM Solutions For Dealership Auto Body, Service And Sales Departments

iMotor: Dealership (CRM)

iMotor: Customer Relationship Marketing CRM

Customer Relations Marketing (CRM) software has existed forever it used to be the term “habits”  that separated “great” dealership salespeople from the average.  In recent years CRM use has grown in use amongst automotive Dealerships because of better technology access and database integration. Automotive Dealerships constantly have to do more with less and should investigate automotive dealership CRM solutions to maintain their existing dealership customers, serve their unique individual needs, and grow dealership market share. By focusing on delivering exceptional dealership services that are tailored to consumer’s specific needs, companies build loyalty, and value to the automotive consumer.

iPitCrew offer “Best in Class” CRM solutions to fit any size Dealership. Including individual or packaged solutions for Auto Body, Service, and Sales.

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