Great Drivers Need Great Crews! And So Do Great Marketing Strategies!
We increase traffic and reduce cost. We think ROI!

iPitCrew is a Full Service Digital Media Marketing and Advertising Agency serving Automotive Dealers and Automotive Industry Providers. iPitCrew takes automotive marketing and advertising to a level never seen before in the automotive industry, integrating “Best-In-Class” cutting edge technologies and processes with real world experience to provide Automotive Dealerships with the most successful marketing strategies in the automotive industry!
iPitCrew specializes in creating Dynamic Brand Energy for Auto Dealerships and Automotive Industry Providers. We create Dominate Brand Leadership for our Dealer Clients by focusing on the complete consumer experience. Our comprehensive data driven approach targets the individual consumer’s needs, resulting in the delivery of engaging, needs driven, timely marketing and advertising messages. Customer acquisition, Client management, or lead conversion, iPitCrew marketing and advertising solutions deliver results.
We approach marketing and advertising differently than most. We align ourselves with Dealership Owners to focus on dramatically lower advertising cost, while increasing traffic, sales, and return on investment. We make marketing affordable for any size business! We’re not the biggest, we’re simply the most focused on what’s important to Dealership Owners. ROI!
Use the most advanced “Best In Class” techniques and the latest “proven” cutting edge technologies, to create Dynamic Brand Leadership. We are committed to delivering Return on Investment results for our Automotive Dealerships clients by delivering engaging, needs driven, targeted messaging. We improve the consumer experience by delivering the exact right message at the exact right time thru the exact right communication medium! Most importantly we focus on increasing our Dealers traffic and reducing cost. We think ROI!

Our Services

iPitCrew Dealership Websites

Best In Class Dealership Websites It's a fact! Car dealerships that use iPitCrew car dealership websites, and online automotive marketing solutions sell more cars, more often, for less money than ever before.

iForce SEO Search Engine Optimization

iPitCrew is at the forefront of thought leadership in crafting value added long term local search optimization strategies to compliment your dealerships short term search marketing efforts.

iCrew Email Marketing

Best in Class Market Dominating Email Programs - iCrew Email combine the power of your Dealership DMS Data with laser targeted conquest marketing data to deliver unprecedented marketing results.

iTurboLeads Dealership Inventory Syndication

Get maximum exposure for your used car inventory by marketing through online classified websites. iTurboLeads automatically distributes your dealership inventory to the classified sites that drive used car lead traffic. Get 10X more used car leads...

iCrew Direct Mail

iCrew Direct Mail methodology and industry leading analytics combine multiple offline predictors with specific online behaviors to compile the best data driven direct mail available in the automotive dealership marketing space.

iCrew Virtual Call Center

iPitCrew virtual call center offers dealerships of all sizes, a full service, turn-key virtual Business Development Center (BDC) staff, run and managed by industry veterans with over 40 years combined auto and call center industry experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a short-term strategy used to get high search engine visibility for related keywords in a short period of time and can be a powerful tool when combined with a long-term strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

iCrew Automotive Dealership CRM

iPitCrew offer “Best in Class” CRM solutions to fit any size Dealership, including individual or packaged solutions for Auto Body, Service, and Sales. Customer Relations Marketing (CRM) software has existed forever it used to be the term “habits” that separated “great” dealership salespeople from the average.

iCrew Live Chat

iCrew Live Chat is a powerful way to instantly engage every website visitor. Having a great website is just the first step in communicating your brand message. Live Chat is the first step in showing customers that your organization is professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help.

iCrew Social Media

iPitCrew social media solution that helps automotive dealers to create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation, content, and engage with consumers.

iCrew Print Services

Innovative design and quality printed materials beyond anything you have seen before. We would be happy to work with you on a design that really represents your brand.

iPitCrew Ad Agency Services

iPitCrew is a full service Advertising Agency that believes brand domination starts with unbelievable customer experiences that evolve into the best brand messaging.